What People are Saying About Us

Dan has transformed my Aquarium! My customers enjoy the colors and the schooling fish. It offers them a calming influence while they await their appointments. The ever-changing plant decorations that Dan adds keeps the tank looking new and fresh. He has done an excellent job keeping our lobby exciting!

Heidi Van Flatern - Hospital Manager, VCA New London

Our Aquarium is unique in that it is viewable from multiple sides. Kids love counting the fish, it can occupy them and they don't stress over why they are here!

Leslie Matzdorf - Office Manager, Contemporary Dentistry

We don't have one Aquarum, we have three! Our largest is in our lobby so clients can relax while they wait for their appointments. Two of our patient rooms also have Aquariums. Clients are always commenting on how great they look.

Ted Malahias - DDS, Bridgeworks Dental Group

We loved our Saltwater Nano Aquarium so much at our practice, we asked Dan to help us setup and maintain a larger one at home. He has done such a great job we have a third Saltwater setup in the works!

Christine Scruggs - VMD, Deep River Animal Hospital




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